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20 February 2020
Current Draft Minutes

Subject: DRAFT MINUTES OF COMMUNITY COUNCIL Thurs. 12th March 2020


PRESENT--Iain Mitchell (IM) Jim George (JG) Gary Bald (GB) Sheila Foggon (SF Councillors...David Barratt (DB). Dave Dempsey (DD)  Alice McGarry (AG) Members of the Public:- Dave Bonas (DB). for VE Day.


1. APOLOGIES---Lin Collis (LC) David Shields (DS) Donna Beveridge (DB) Cllr David Coleman (DC)



2. Minutes of Previous Meeting :-      Approved JG.  Seconded GB.


3. Matters Arising :- Community Centre.  The boundaries have now been identified and the gorse bushes are going to have to be cut back to take parking spaces forward.                                      ACTION JG and Comm.Centre


4. Police Report :-    No Police Present.     Nil to report


5. VE Day Plans :-  8/5/20  Dave Bonas suggesting a street party at C Centre. Residents to bring food and drink. Barbecue. Encourage 1940's dress. Military presence. Poster to be designed --Safe the Date given C Virus.  ACTION DB


6. Albert Hotel :-  IM has had discussion with Jacqui Low. She is suggesting proposal is drawn up from C.C. Plus a Press Release. An event to promote the Albert and then Await response from Kenny Waugh.                                      ACTION IM


7. Forth Bridge Repairs:- Project Manager-John Dugan. To start end of March work unlikely to be 8-5pm. Contractors to be fined if they run over timescales. Drop in was held in the Ferrybridge where information given was mixed and guarded. Refused to reveal composition of the compound being used. Discussion with Environmental Health.                                              ACTION DB


8. Edinburgh Airport Flight Path.                  No Update


9. Adoption by NQHT of Telephone Box.   Application made by NQHT who will take this forward.


10. Community Group Updates.                  None


11. Fife Councillors Report.     Funding secured for toilet  😀👍  Road repairs to go ahead in next financial year. Piece of land for sale next to War Memorial.

Recommendation from CC--To be retained as garden ground.


12. Finance.  No update on Internet banking.

                       Current Balance-£3,078. 15p includes £528.64p lost grant.

         Small Grants Scheme Requires to be applied for next year. Action Donna


13. Floral Enhancement  Same format for this year.                 Action JG/GB

      The advice sought from other CCouncils implement next year.     "

       Check out locations and state of tubs etc.                        Action JG

       Floral Enhancement Grant to be applied for.                     Action JG/GB


14.  Planning Applications                       None


15.  Correspondence.    FRC IYA Evaluation- CC Questionnaire  Action DS

                                          Seescape Volunteer Befrienders in NQ  Action DS

                                        Telephone Box and Road Repairs already discussed.


16. AOCB.   Fife 191- New Tourism Route by Fife Council still in development to

                     start in Battery Road. Concern that part of the route is on cycle

                     friendly roads.  Action review.   https://fife191.com/.            ALL

                     Comments   to.   DS

                     Electric Vehicle Charging Points funded on a first come first

                     served basis. Arrange Assessments for locations in village.

                     Battery Road, West Bay, Station, Church, Comm. Centre.  ALL

                     Trust and West Bay Users Group already notified.

                     Notice Board at The Marina.     Has condensation on the glass as      

                     no sun on it in winter.           Ask Payback Team to fix. Action DB

                    Defibrillator training arranged for 25/3/20 at the Ferrybridge 7 for 7.30

                   SF will take decision next week with trainer as to whether it goes         

                   ahead with C Virus situation.

                   Publicise further through Facebook and posters.         Action. SF


                   Double Decker Buses going into Battery Road have increased     

                   causing  congestion and damage to pavements.           Action DB


 New Forth Bridges Tourism Strategy Manager Allan Watt now in post.

 Invite to next Meeting.                                                                       Action DS


NEXT NQCC MEETING: 9th April @ North Queensferry Community Centre 7.30


Members of the public welcome to attend

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