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North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 11 August 2022

Members Present: Lin Collis (LC), Jacqui Lowe (JL), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Mary Finlayson (MF), Gary Bald (GB),

Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr David Barratt (DB)

Members of the Public:  David Neill (DN), Eileen Donaldson (ED), Peter Selbie (PS), Alan McCulloch (AM), Colin Bell (CB), Vicki Banks (VB), David Skivens (DS), Mino Manekshaw (MM)

Minutes: Barbara McKechnie (BM)

Agenda Reference



1.Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

In IGM absence, LC chaired and asked all present to introduce themselves, Members, Councillors and attendees. LC confirmed shortened Agenda to allow extended discussion on Forth Bridge Repairs.


2. Apologies

Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Sheila Foggon (SF), Bruce Finlayson (BF), Cllr Patrick Brown (PB)


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Final action item on Jul minutes to be changed from DD to DB.


4. Matters Arising

PS and DD to talk further on issue of larger busses in lower village.  PS had film of reversing incident.  JL commented issue should be Agenda item next meeting. JG quoted example of car having to mount pavement to avoid bus contact.




5. The Albert

DB confirmed Planning Application will be presented on 24/8/22.  AM commented that a Reporter could still be appointed on appeal should Application be granted. 


6. Forth Bridge Repairs

GB started the extensive discussions outlining the history of the interactions with Network Rail (NR) and Balfour Beatty (BB).  GB had concerns at start of works and had raised 3 complaints to NR in first year.  GB outlined his disappointment at apparent lack of early support but did agree that relationships with NR and BB had improved over time until the changes in staff involvement as the works draw to a close.  However, despite NQCC attendance at fortnightly meetings by the Chair and Vice Chair of NQCC, residents’ concerns do not appear to have triggered the necessary resolutions from NR and BB.  It was confirmed that this lack of higher management response resulted in individual affected residents forming their own relationships with workers ‘on the ground’.  Examples of “passive-aggressive behaviour” (positively saying one thing, but negatively or by omission, doing another) were given by JL and GB while DN illustrated meeting reassurances not followed up by NR in letter content.  A resident survey of 31 responses extensively collated by JL has not had satisfactory response from NR/BB.  JL received letter for face to face meeting as advised in meetings but other residents have received letter referring them to phone help lines. Residents attending the NQCC meeting brought physical debris evidence:  DN brought two scaffold retaining pins picked up directly under the Bridge, Old Kirk Road, on morning of 11 August 2022 and DS presented heavy backpack containing residues and bolts collected from his property.  Actual content of residue is one of ongoing issues. PS to supply JL (within 24hrs) with detail analysis (under Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, COSHH) of grit used to remove paint prior to new paint being applied.  JL agreed with AM on positivity in NR relationship until the latest 2/3 months when denial of responsibility, contravention of site rules, foul language and the passive-aggressive behaviour has been prevalent. MF guided the discussion to Actions outlining how to achieve what the affected residents now need.  Note not monetary compensation but ongoing clearance, repair and respect for local residents is the issue.  DB suggested Annabelle Ewing (AE) be asked to chair meeting with NR, JL, GB as well as the NQCC Chair and Vice Chair – JL advised that this had been previously requested but as NR do not appear to listen to NQCC, then issues must be raised to a higher level.  PS suggested involvement of Gordon Brown (GBr) and JL will write letter, as soon as possible, requesting he contact NR and BB at Chief Executive and Chairman level.  This letter will be straightforward bullet point listing using summary of points from the surveys eg the grit, damage, items falling plus lack of respect for the village.  IGM to be advised of NQCC meeting decision and letters copied to MP Douglas Chapman and AE.  For further detail, GB to put together a paper trail of incidents/issues reported – essential should any serious consequence occur following items falling from the works.  Despite reporting of incidents to NR Health and Safety, no visible strict application of rules. MF stressed need for reporting to the Health and Safety Executive.  If JL letter ready, DS offered to give to GBr at meeting next week.  It was noted that after the £7.5b refurb, brown drainage water will continue to fall from the Bridge due to central gulley design. 













































7. Fife Councillors’ Reports

DB advised of toilet transportation incident resulting in no timescale for installation at Battery Road Carpark.  No update to grit bin missing on The Brae and the where about of the Admiralty Estate Boundary markers.

DD – no update.


8. NQHT Funding request

BM read out email from NQ Heritage Trust (NQHT) Secretary requesting funding support for maintenance of toilets at railway station.  £100 approved for this year on further costs information in written request to JL.  BM will advise NQHT Secretary.





9. Treasurer’s Report

Return of funds paid in error to NQCC by Fife Council is in progress.  Condolences were expressed and flowers sent to Donna Beveridge, ex NQCC Treasurer, on death of her husband.


10. Any Other Competent Business

DD will discuss with landowner of area adjacent to recently trimmed vegetation on Ferryhills Road re the now visible missing coping stones highlighted by LC.

DS asked that those responsible for the Coastal Path be asked to move the drain on cobbled section from left to right side- gulley currently against the camber of path and on heavy rain, water flows down into Helen Lane.  LC will report the issue.

MF gave a heads up on the new upcoming Edinburgh Airport Airspace Change Programme and outlined the actual boundaries of the work eg not pollution but noise.  Residents should be prepared to comment.

ED advised new large planters have been delivered but due to current extra dry conditions, cannot be planted.  LC asked ED to write thank you letter to Balfour Beatty.

DN confirmed with DS that the letter from Ferryhills resident regarding the trimmed vegetation did not relate to the Floral Enhancement Group and DS will reply to the concerned resident.

JL advised of issues relating to the closing time of the Battery Road Carpark and in the long term it was not feasible that only the two neighbouring properties were responsible for locking the gate.  JL will forward a request for more distinct closing time display to DD who will progress.  JL will talk with Wee Restaurant re client parking after 9pm.  General discussion followed on gate alternatives. JL and neighbour have already met with Fife Council re options for the gate.

CB has notified Fife Council on the lack of cleaning of gulleys and drains in Chapel Place resulting in flooding danger to housing.  CB will advise NQCC if no response is received.






























Next Monthly Meeting8 September 2022, 7.30pm at the Community Complex

Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all Monthly Meetings

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