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The next NQCC meeting:  7:15 for 7.30pm start Thursday, 14th October, via Zoom.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend, details of how to attend please contact: nqccsecretary@livingwater.org.uk

North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday  9 September  2021

Members Present:  Iain G Mitchell (IGM), Lin Collis (LC), Donna Beveridge (DB), Jim George (JG), David Shields (DS), Gary Bald (GB),

Cllr Dave Dempsey (DD), Cllr Alice McGarry (AM), Cllr David Barratt (DB), Cllr Dave Coleman (DC),

Guest:  Karen Stewart (KS) – Forth Bridges Area Tourism Strategy Manager

Members of the Public:  - David Neill (DN), Barbara McKechnie (BM), Eileen Donaldson (ED),

Jacquie Low (JL) (latter co-opted to Member during Meeting)

Agenda Reference



1.Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Apologies given for late start due to Zoom issue – full meeting ID to be supplied along with meeting link to mitigate possible future issue.


2. Apologies

Sheila Foggon (SF,) Mary Finlayson (MF), Bruce Finlayson (BF)


3. Minutes of July Meeting

Minutes approved unanimously


4. Matters Arising

IGM researching option for holding hybrid meetings in future – from DD recommendation, contact made with Fife Council and response is awaited.  LC confirmed that promised bench from Doubletree Hotel is not in place – LC will contact the Hotel again

JG queried progress with queries to police re car damage – no progress as yet but Police will attend next NQCC meeting where this can be raised. 

IGM introduced Karen Stewart from Forth Bridges Area Tourism.  KS confirmed her attendance at the current Local Action Plan workshops being held in NQ and her availability to talk with NQ residents. No progress on further signage but updated Website is currently under review by Transport Scotland.  More activities/site visits are planned to take advantage of 2022 Visit Scotland promotion of Year of Stories. KS advised the Forth Bridges Instagram account is being rebooted encouraging more engagement. KS wished success to the current cleaning of Queensferry Crossing cables (to prevent winter icing)


5. Police Report

The report had been distributed to Members – nothing further to add.  Queries to be presented at October meeting with Police present


6. Forth Bridge Repairs

JG had previously suggested Network Rail/Balfour Beatty meeting with residents (JG, JL, Mike Low, GB and DN) in the immediate vicinity to go over concerns. Meeting not yet taken place – residents are awaiting NR/BB proposed dates and times. DN requested copy of the Project Plan.  LC will request a copy which IGM has asked to be forwarded to the usual mailing list.  Thursday site drop in for residents’ queries not well attended.  Cost of information cab at DSW carpark was prohibitive (hire/DSW fee); discussion on how to encourage participation by making welcome friendlier, more approachable.  DS queried progress on reported cars affected by dust and rust spots – IGM confirmed no issue with the dust and rusty water drops are hazard of living under the Bridge, but conditions are acknowledged worse during ongoing works. IGM confirmed current legal analysis will be forwarded to him for review when available.  GB expressed concern on the number of outstanding issues with Network Rail – IGM asked all to wait for next Wednesday meeting with NR when view of Project Plan may clear up these issues.














7. North Queensferry Local Plan

Common themes were noted on 2 meetings of 9 September, and it is hoped discussions on how these can be addressed will take place at meetings on 15 September.  Strong feelings that the carpark at entrance to NQ on B981, originally designated as overflow carpark for DSW visitors but not currently in use, could be used for local electric bus on circular route between Ferrytoll and NQ.  All meeting attendees asked to encourage NQ residents to attend 15 Sept meetings.








8. Traffic and Infrastructure

GB expressed unease at the large numbers of additional homes being approved in West Fife contributing to pressure on the current infrastructure. DD understood that although the Council had rejected some development applications, the developer can appeal to the Scottish Government and reporter advises on the appeal – Fife Council has less power than many believe. AM confirmed that developers do have to make infrastructure contributions eg lighting at Pitreavie.  JG outlined the various planning loops to be completed by any developer when submitting plans.  AM confirmed only GP surgeries omitted in planning conditions due to Health Board responsibility. DC confirmed Transport Scotland due to address Ward meetings again re Queensferry Crossing delays/possible traffic light tweaking.  GB and DC confirmed many issues may also be attributed to driving standards.  JL commented on the Managed Traffic messages – are they cause or effect. 

In NQ, the rumble strip has not been reset at Rankins – LC said it had been previously inspected – DD will ask why this strip had not been upgraded. JG - also loose sets on the reset strip on Main Road and The Brae. 

LC confirmed residents at top of village would like a designated bus stop.  DD advised that the Church had previously objected and highlighted that stop would mean metal pole and yellow markings on roadside.  The meeting agreed DD to take the matter forward.

DB advised that discussions are taking place to determine a Fife Strategy on Motorhome parking.  Discussion followed on space required and any possible locations for Motorhome parking in NQ. DS stressed that parking required greater space between vehicles due to fire risk.  Booking systems and facilities would have to be in place.
























9. Edinburgh Airport

Email received from MF and BF re comment required on the proposed closure of the independent body for noise monitoring and future incorporation in remit for the Civil Aviation Authority.  BF will prepare letter and IGM will review.    LC commented on recent number of planes directly over Three Bridges line.  DD advised probable increase due to recent high prevalence of easterly winds.


10. Public Toilet

IGM requested update on issue.  AM advised that at the previous day’s Ward meeting, advised that delays due to waiting for site technical report and Property Services priorities.  Heated discussion followed on the apparent order of infrastructure needs/design/accessibility laws/budgeting stages/apparent conflict within Fife Council regarding promotion of tourism and provision of facilities.  GB highlighted current building supplies shortage and JG confirmed exponential growth in costs.  LC confirmed public use of Community Centre toilets was not feasible.


11. Fife Councillors’ Reports

DD confirmed resolution of bin collection issue at Pierhead.  DD advised by Cllr Mino Manekshaw of planning approval for Rankins at Culross to residential use – NQ to be aware of need for prompt action on Albert Hotel.  IGM confirmed the issue is in hand.   DC, in conversation with Police, confirmed current cameras at Pierhead are obsolete and will be replaced; meeting has taken place re Pierhead with Phil Clarke, Alastair Mutch(AM) and CEO Fife Council, Steve Grimmond, where AM (currently off sick)  was tasked with preparing paper for solutions (road signage, anti-social behaviour, speed survey, out of hours parking enforcement). DC will verify if NQCC may view report when prepared.  DB confirmed recycling centres booking requirement will be removed and that glass recycling at NQ Railway Station cannot be re-introduced due to lorry access issue under bridge at Jamestown.


12. Treasurer’s Report – draft Accounts

DB will be leaving in NQ and therefore resigning as Treasurer.  JL has agreed to take up the post but first had to be co-opted as Community Councillor.  IGM proposed, seconded by JG and Members unanimously approved the co-option.  DB advised bank balance if £4831.28 as of 20/08/21; the grant application officially may be submitted once the Accounts are approved but as this will be in October meeting, IGM will send grant application form confirming verified accounts, just awaiting approval. IGM confirmed all grants will be applied for and none will be missed.  IGM thanked DB for her work and contribution to NQCC.  LC proposed JL as Treasurer and IGM seconded.  LC requested that electronic banking be set up for the NQCC account.  JL and DB will work together to resolve a number of issues:  banking location for ITV donation of £500 (due to Community Trust, not NQCC); ED requested clarification on process to pay outstanding receipts for Floral Enhancement with £100 received from NQ Ladies Group (IGM advised receipts to be covered and cheque forwarded to Treasurer) ED to forward all receipts;  DB queried source of £50 received for Floral Enhancement – confirmed as from NQ Heritage Trust – receipt to go to James Lawson; DB confirmed application for the grant relating to Floral Enhancement.  DD confirmed to ED that budgets and grants for the Community Centre and Community Council are separate.




















13. Planning Applications

JG had forwarded details of 3 applications to Member with no comment received


14. Floral Enhancement

ED updated on work of the gardening group especially on The Brae ad West Sands.  Tub planting had been successful and appreciated.


15. Remembrance Sunday

IGM awaiting Rev Alston’s agreement to take service following letter from Dave Bonnas.  Alternative cover from IGM.  DS to order wreath.  Police will be asked at October meeting to cover traffic arrangement




16. Correspondence

No additional correspondence


17. Mode of Next Meeting

While Information awaited on technicalities for hybrid meeting, October meeting will be via Zoom.  JG highlighted that Arts and Crafts now meet on Thursday evenings in Community Centre so room change may be required.  Church Hall may be alternative.


18. Any other competent business

Following involvement in Local Action Plan and the first two workshops, JL praised the work and commitment of Lisa Hemphill and Dave Manderson as facilitators passing the information from the village residents back to Fife Council.

JG queried to whom disappointment should be expressed re procedural order of toilet installation at Battery Road carpark.  DD advised CEO of Fife Council – IGM asked JG to draft letter and forward to IGM.

DN queried progress of American Bridge village contribution – IGM advised previous contact had departed and successor contacted.

GB requested reassurance that Chapel Lane wall will be re-instated. Following conversation with owner, JG confirmed.

LC – re Network Rail visitor centre at South Queensferry – location now further East of original plan, further away from housing.  Three representatives, Sarah Dougan, Ian Heigh and Joanna Noble from NR will attend NQCC October meeting to update on progress.












Next Monthly Meeting:  14 October 2021: 7.30pm AGM; 7.45pm Monthly Meeting on Zoom

Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all Monthly Meetings

Please see Covid-19 North Queensferry Support Network Volunteers


Help wanted now!! Would you be interested in developing the local communication options for your Community Council?  Then please let us know via the Contact tab on the left hand menu or by speaking to any of the Councillors.



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