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Welcome to the North Queensferry Community Council website.

The next NQCC meeting:  7:15 for 7.30pm start Thursday, 13th June, via Zoom meeting.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend, details of how to attend please contact: nqccsecretary@livingwater.org.uk

North Queensferry Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting on Thursday 13TH May 2021


PRESENT : Iain Mitchell (IM). Sheila Foggon (SF). Bruce Finlayson (BF) Jim George (JG) Lin Collis (LC) Gary Bald (GB)

Councillors: David Barratt (DB) Alice McGarry (AMcG) Dave Dempsey (DD) Dave Coleman (DC)


Members of the Public :  David Neil. Barbara McKechnie. Alex McRitchie. Dave Skivins. Dan McDonald. Kari-Ann Shiff.


1.  Chairmans. Opening Remarks.  IM thanked everyone for attending.


2.  Apologies.  David Shields.  Donna Beveridge.  Mari Finlayson.


3.  Minutes of Previous Meeting- One correction item 5a-Pierhead.  SF had suggested perhaps taking up with the Chief Exec. of FC as Roads Dpt not co-operating.  Not taken forward.                                                  Minutes  Approved.


4.  Matters Arising - Pierhead no Developments. IM has updated Facebook.

                              Item has gone into next Ferry News 28/5

                              Meeting can now be arranged at Pierhead with relaxation of

                              Covid  rules.   DB to forward emails on Bollard situation.                     

                              ACTION. SF and DB. to take forward arranging meeting.


5.  NQ Local Plan.  Presented by David Manderson & Lisa Hemphill who were

  welcomed to the meeting. Area Committee undertaking a consultation door

  to door within the village using Play standards format.  LC on Planning      

  Group. Consultation  May to September then draft Action Plan drawn up.

   Links being made into NQ Primary and Secondary Schools.  Questionnaires

   to go into Village shop and Rankins which are anonymous.

   Steering group to be formed with representation from the community, small   

  budget available and other funding can be accessed.

  Draft Plan to go out to the Village for consultation before Plan is finalised.


6. Forth Bridge Repairs.   Now changed to a 3 week view. Let Iain or Lin know         

   if councillors or affected residents wish to observe noise recordings.

   Night Shift brought forward to Midnight finishing at 11pm.

   Notice Board now in place Battery Road.  Metal found under the bridge (SF)

   Found to be cast iron possibly collar off a pipe.


7.  Edinburgh Airport.  Noise Board publishing their report in 2/3 weeks.

…Airspace change proposal about to restart.

…Board undergoing a review from Consultation.


8.  Public Toilet.  NQCC favour the stone finished design. Will be a single unit

    which also accommodates disabled access. To go into Planning Dpt - June

    Completion in the Autumn 2021.

    Temporary Toilet not possible however access to Balfour Beattie's toilet     

     may be possible on a temporary basis.                  IM&LC to take forward.


9. The Albert.   Iain was thanked for his very full report which is to go to the

     Planning Dpt for 14/5.   No timescale currently for a decision.            IM


10. Police Report.  The Police are now able to use Zoom  to be invited to next

     meeting.                                                                                                      IM


 11. Statutory Consultation.  No enthusiasm for joint working with Burntisland

       on Police Performance.- complicated by differing divisions.

       Relocation Woodmill / St. Columbus.  forward to Parent Council at NQ……LC


 12. Fife  Councillors  Report. Litter Pick to be organised for St. Margaret's            

        Marsh. To go into the Ferry News.      deadline  28/5.                       LC

        Incident on the Brae- wall down at first corner.  Councillors to look at the       options to deter large lorries and report back to next meeting.   DD/DB

        DC reported that there has been a spate of metal thefts as price of scrap    

        metal has gone up.  Make residents aware through Ferry News.     LC


   13. Treasurers  Report. Has DCB applied for this years grants?    IM to check

         Zoom license renewed.

         The Lost King  film Company are donating £250 to the village.

          IM took on board that Main Street residents unable to park outside their

          homes on two occasions within the same week due to Film Companies.

          Disruptive to residents who then have to park at Deep Sea World.


    14. Covid Relief Small grants - No Uptake. Place on agenda for next month

           to discuss alternative uses.                                                          IM


     15. American Bridge Legacy Proposals.  Several suggestions put forward

           including  repair to Marina Wall and movement of some boats.

           Area at Brock St. requires attention--council land.

           A McGarry  local resident to approach Council.

           The Wish List to go to American Bridge who can then choose what they

            want to do.                                                                                     IM


      16. Update from Mike Lowe & David Neil.  Response from village for plants       

            has been excellent. 26 Barrels  purchased...14 have been installed.

            A big thank you to all the Volunteers.


        17. Correspondence.         None


        18. AOCB.      No Planning Applications

               Ticks/Lyme Disease.  BF has arranged for Dr. Dominic Mellor

                to attend next Council meeting @ 8pm.


Next Monthly MeetingThursday 13 June 2021, by Zoom.

Residents of North Queensferry are welcome to attend all NQCC’s monthly meetings

Please see Covid-19 North Queensferry Support Network Volunteers


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